How to make love to a woman

Seminar conducted by Satya (certified sex educators)

This event is completed. If you'd like to be informed about future Satya events, please visit this page.

Most sex education in India is restricted to sperm, eggs, STD's and the importance of avoiding sex until marriage and perhaps the various contraceptives. While there is a need for this information, there is also a need for frank information on how to make love. At this workshop attendees will receive information on the basics of how to make love to a woman. SATYA is an organization of certified sexuality educators who provide frank talks at social service forums.

What this workshop will teach you:

  • 6 vital foreplay tips: Foreplay is the single most important step in truly arousing a woman and getting her prepared and eager for sexual intercourse, and also making it more likely for orgasm to occur. You will learn the 6 vital foreplay techniques that all great lovers use. Also included : mental foreplay, the technique of arousing a woman's mind before arousing her body.
  • 5 common kissing mistakes: Ask any woman and if she’s frank, she’ll tell you that the way a man kisses can make or break his chances of going all the way to sex. You will learn how to avoid the 5 common kissing mistakes that men make that turns off women during sex.
  • 6 Sex positions: The 6 most popular sex positions will be explained with diagrams. Also, you will learn the sex position for specific situations like small penis, sex during pregnancy, for direct clitoris stimulation and a position that helps erections last longer.
  • 7 tips for sex with a virgin: A woman’s first experience with vaginal intercourse can be awesome or awful, depending on how you both make love. At this workshop you will learn specific techniques to help maximize pleasure for both of you, when your partner is a virgin.
  • Sexual communication :Women want men to know what pleases them during sex, but most women hesitate to tell a man directly. A great lover is one who will create conditions that make it easy for his partner to communicate her preferences. At this workshop you will learn this rare skill.

What you will NOT find at the seminar

  • There will be NO sexual touching, stimulation or titillation
  • There will be NO pornography on display
  • There will be NO nudity and NO live models at the seminar
  • Nothing at the seminar will be lascivious or appeal to the prurient interest

This event is completed. If you'd like to be informed about future Satya events, please visit this page.

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